You Bring The Food.
We Bring The Results.

You’ve spent your life creating something special.
Now, let us bring you sales.

Why use MyFoodPreneur?

  • We focus on your digital footprint, so you don’t have to. 

  • Start selling directly to your customers and increase profits.

  • We will capture market share in an increasingly crowded market.

We Deliver Sales & Customers

MyFoodPreneur provides:

Set -Up



Our ecommerce bundle creates your custom site, finds leads and generates sales
by using what we like to call the…

Digital DTC Solution

This direct-to-consumer digital solution combines everything you’ll need to make an impactful push into the ecommerce food & beverage market.

How It Works

Step 1: Set-Up

  • We create a Custom ecommerce store which is reflective of your brand and culture.

  • We configure functions like subscriptions and email management to generate sales and increase customer awareness.
  • We establish goals to track your success as we move forward.

Website & Functions Ready To Go

Step 2: Leads

  • Our focus is on outreach.

  • We expand your product and brand awareness.

  • We educate and engage your customers.

  • We connect with your customers and generate robust sales.

Generate Traffic & Gain Leads

Step 3: Sales

  • We continue expanding sales with a focus on growing your community growth.

  • Website and product performance dictates how we connect with your customers .
  • Your average customer value increases.

Continue Upward Sales

MyFoodPreneur Deliver's Results

MyFoodPreneur Will Deliver Results

Frequently Asked Questions

Results will begin to appear as soon as the new store is launched and the marketing initiatives are set in motion. Performance will be dependent on:

  • Which of our packages you have selected
  • Current market exposure
  • Size of customer database
  • Current market trends

To get started, set up a time to discuss first steps with us. Please click here.


There are many facets to creating a successful direct to consumer experience. Those include:

  • Designing a custom Shopify store
  • Properly integrating Analytics and Tags
  • Knowing how to create funnels, lead magnets and drip campaigns
  • Understanding how to effectively manage PPC campaigns

We have deep experience with ecommerce and food brand marketing and branding. We’ll take the guesswork out of your ecommerce initiative. 

Who we are

Brent has worked in the web development field for the last 16 years. Over the course of that time, he’s designed and developed websites and managed digital marketing initiatives for CPG companies such as Herb’nPantry, Ku Cha House of Tea, Fireworks Chefs Butters, Original Sprout and BetrCBD. He has also designed and maintained food development websites for companies such as Food Business Consulting and The Vivid Team. Brent has extensive experience working with a variety of ecommerce platforms, managing email campaigns, social media accounts, content writing, graphic design and directing google ad campaigns. 

Kristine is the founder of Brand Guide, advising food and beverage companies on brand development and communications strategy and tactics. She is most excited when helping foodpreneurs take their business to the next level. Kristine has worked with such brands as Honey Rock Landing, Wedderspoon Organic, Healthy Skoop, Frontier Natural Brands, Keef Brands and MyChelle Dermaceuticals. Her focus is on startup food businesses who have a vision to disrupt their category with innovative ideas and brand messaging that engages their consumers. 

MyFoodPreneur is a great fit for you if...

  • You are looking for a solid digital component to your emerging CPG brand. 
  • You are looking to connect with customers beyond retail stores.
  • You have a unique product that will connect well with consumers.
  • Your product is either on shelves or ready to hit the market.

Myfoodpreneur is not a great fit for you if...

  • Your product is not suited for the direct to consumer market.
  • Your product is still in the ideation phase.
  • Your product does not fill a gap in the market.
  • You are undercapitalized.



Get Ready To See Some Sales